Images in Mad magazine draw criticism, By Diaa Hadid, Staff Reporter
March 1, 2006

Dubai: Just 24 hours after education authorities in Abu Dhabi confiscated text books deemed racist to Arabs, residents have complained about a satirical magazine they said had images offensive to Muslims.

The Mad magazine images included faces of religious figures drawn into food, including “Mohammad [PBUH] in a Pancake,” meant to satirise a piece of toast sold over the internet after the owner of the toast claimed it showed the Virgin Mary’s face.

Other satirical images included Buddha in sesame noodles, Moses in meatloaf, Joan of Arc in seafood bisque, Ganesh in baba ganoush, and The 12 Apostles in chicken mcnuggets.

Although censors at the former Information Ministry approved the magazine, the distributor said he would try to withdraw remaining issues, because of sensitivities caused by the Danish cartoon controversy.

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